Giving Purpose to Potential

Torch Awards

The Business Professionals of America's Torch Awards Program is designed to promote professionalism and leadership in both career development and personal growth. Students complete activities in the seven Torch categories--Leadership; Service; Cooperation; Knowledge; Friendship; Love, Hope, Faith; and Patriotism--then log their activities in an online Torch Résumé.

  1. Leadership
  2. Service
  3. Cooperation
  4. Knowledge
  5. Friendship
  6. Love, Hope, Faith
  7. Patriotism

Each activity is worth 5, 10, 15, or 20 points. When a student achieves a certain number of points for each category, his/her advisor or local reviewer can submit the résumé online to be reviewed for recognition. All students completing a satisfactory résumé will be awarded.

There are four levels of recognition:

  • Executive Torch Award: Given at the local chapter level, the Executive Torch Award requires 10 points in each Torch category. An Executive is defined as "a person having administrative or managerial authority in an organization."
  • Diplomat Torch Award: Depending on your state, this award might be awarded at the local, regional, or state level. The Diplomat Torch Award requires 30 points in each Torch category. A Diplomat is defined as "one skilled with tact in dealing with people."
  • Statesman Torch Award: Given at the state level, the Statesman Torch Award requires 50 points in each Torch category. A Statesman is defined as "one who is a leader in the promotion of the public good and in national affairs."
  • Ambassador Torch Award: Given at the national level, the Ambassador Torch Award requires 70 points in each Torch Category. An Ambassador is defined as "a diplomatic official of the highest rank appointed and accredited as representative of the organization."
Award Organization Level Points Required
in Each Category
Submission Deadline Recoginition
Executive Local Chapter 10 varies Pin and Certificate
Diplomat Varies by State 30 varies Pin and Certificate
Statesman State 50 varies Pin and Certificate
(otherwise varies by state)
Ambassador National 70 varies Pin and Certificate,
Recognition at NLC

A student who earns an award through Business Professionals of America's Torch Awards Program will be presented with a certificate and pin commemorating their achievement.

Students receiving the Ambassador Torch Award will receive their pin and certificate at the National Leadership Conference. Most importantly, though, a student participating in the Torch Awards Program builds a rich catalog of service and leadership experience to be proud of.

Resumes must be submitted by the appropriate deadline to be eligible for awards. Once a resume is submitted, regional/state/national administrators can evaluate the resume and either approve or reject the resume. If approved, the student has earned the award and no further action is required. If rejected, an advisor and student can then work on the resume more and re-submit, as long as the appropriate deadline has not passed.

The Torch Awards Program is open to all BPA members in the Middle Level, Secondary, and Post-secondary Divisions.