2023-24 State Executive Officers


State President

Praveen Perera

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Hey everyone! My name is Praveen Perera, and I'm a senior at Seminole High School in Central Florida. I'm honored to serve as your State President for Florida Business Professionals of America and am excited for what's to come this year! In my 3 years of BPA, I've gained amazing experiences from competing in Dallas and Anaheim, meeting incredible people such as our national officers, and having the chance to better myself as a leader. Now I plan to use those experiences and interactions to improve our organization. My goals are to provide more opportunities to our members by reducing costs to make conferences more accessible, improve communications with our chapters and members, and increase participation within BPA's various programs. Together with my fellow State Officers, I hope to make this a great year and help everyone give purpose to potential!


State Vice President

Emily Fung

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Emily Fung is excited to be a part of your state officer team and honored to serve as your vice
president. To her, Business Professionals of America is an endless pool of discovery and a
reminder of the things one can become. She is committed to holding herself responsible for the
goals she outlined at the State Leadership Conference and hopes to increase communications,
promote event practice materials, and decrease SLC costs.

Outside of BPA, Emily enjoys improving her public speaking skills by interning at the State
Attorney’s Office and competing in Speech and Debate. Emily greatly values communication
and serving the public. She is all ears for any input from the BPA community and is here to make
the BPA member experience the best it can be, along with her fellow officers. 


State Secretary

Jasleen Agenor

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Proud to be the Secretary of Florida Business Professionals of America. As a student
and executive officer, Business Professionals of America has been a rewarding
opportunity and learning experience for me to grow and improve my skillset. It has the
power to help you advance and achieve what you want. With our competitive events,
certification programs, and scholarships, students will have the opportunity to gain an
essential and unforgettable experience. I’m dedicated to helping and providing more
inclusion for students of different backgrounds and experience levels. My primary goal
is to offer students with resources they need to succeed and year-round opportunities
so that there is always something students have to keep engaging in activities and
strengthening their goals. As the Secretary of this organization my journey with
Business Professionals of America has been inspiring. Please reach out, I’m happy to
help and support you with any questions regarding Florida BPA.


State Treasurer

Mihir Kelkar

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I am Mihir Kelkar, your FLBPA State Treasurer, and a Junior in the International Baccalaureate Program at Seminole High School in Sanford. For me, the most exciting things about BPA are the opportunities to meet so many new people, have fun, and learn a lot along the way. If you followed my campaign at SLC 2023, you know I love cooking, travelling, and listening to music, and when I'm not doing those things, I'm working with the rest of your State Officers to create a truly memorable SLC 2024 for you all. After graduating, l hope to attend school to obtain a degree in Finance, and see where things go from there! I'm so excited for the coming year, and if you have any questions or just want to discuss things, feel free to reach out!


State Historian

Ankitha Vustepalli

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My name is Ankitha Vustepalli, and I am proud to serve as your State Historian for this year. Within this incredible organization, I have grown personally and professionally while forging lasting friendships. BPA has presented so many opportunities not only for myself but for others, and I strive to enhance opportunities for all members, fostering collaboration and inspiring leadership. Beyond BPA, I find myself reading books, re-watching episodes of Suits, and spending time with my friends.


State Parliamentarian

Rushi Patel

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Hi! My name is Rushi Patel, a senior at Pine View School and I’m beyond honored and excited to serve as your 2023-2024 BPA Florida State Parliamentarian this year! 

Being involved with BPA since my sophomore year of high school, my experiences in the organization have shaped me into the character-strong individual you see today. Initially joining BPA to hone my business skills, I soon found a family that gave me more than I could ever offer. Through the job and intern involvement I have accrued, I was able to deepen my approach style to conquer problems. In the same way, I hope to inspire the next generation in aiding them to achieve their fullest potential.

For someone who has valued a medical profession, I have also understood that business is everywhere, and those proficiencies can aid you any profession you choose.  Please don’t hesitate to contact me for anything!