Giving Purpose to Potential

Awards / Scholarships

Get Excited About Your Future! Each year Business Professionals of America awards thousands of dollars in scholarships to our student members. One way BPA invests in our community and economy is through merit and need-based scholarships to help launch emerging leaders in today’s workforce.

Scholarship awards are made possible through our committed corporate partners, BPA alumni, and families across Florida who have seen first-hand the powerful difference BPA makes for students.

  1. Beverly Williams Scholarships
  2. NLC Trade Pin Contest
  3. Quality Distinction Chapter
  4. Chapter Recruitment Award
  5. Business Partner Recruitment Award
  6. Sherrell Wheeler Scholarship
  7. National Office Scholarships

Apply for Scholarships

BPA Scholarships are regularly updated throughout the year. There are three ways to learn about the latest BPA Scholarship information :

  1. Contact your BPA Advisor who has access to all the forms and programs BPA offers on the Area, State, and National level
  2. Email and we’ll be happy to send you the latest BPA scholarship information.
  3. Visit for descriptions, deadlines, and applications for higher education scholarships