Giving Purpose to Potential

How to Join


Business Professionals of America is open to any business student at the high school or college level. However, individual members join through a local chapter. Many schools throughout the state have BPA chapters. If your school has a chapter, contact the local BPA advisor for instructions on how you can join the chapter. If your school does not have a BPA chapter, follow the steps indicated below to form a new chapter.


Starting a new chapter may seem overwhelming, but it actually does not require as much work as you think. This page demonstrates the step by step process of starting a new chapter, which can be broken down into four major steps.

  1. Review the Local Chapter Handbook available for download by clicking here: Local Chapter Handbook 2021-2022 (PDF). Please review Appendix I-New Chapter Checklist, which is included in the handbook.

  2. Complete a New Chapter Request form online at A national staff member will review the application and contact you upon review.

  3. A national staff member will provide a username and a password for the Membership Registration System (MRS), BPA Member Gateway, and Conference Registration System (CRS). This system will be used to register members every year.

  4. The Florida BPA State Office and your regional advisor will then send you additional information.

These steps will register your chapter on national and state database for this year and future years. However, “starting a chapter” does not end there. After officially registering your chapter, there are other inner-chapter activities you should partake in. Below are some basic procedures BPA chapters take.

  • Register the chapter as a school club if necessary
  • Recruit members
  • Assign or elect officers
  • Create a calendar of events
  • Make a list of goals for the year
  • Fundraise for scholarships or bonding events
  • Plan for various conferences: fall, regional, state, and national


Business Professionals of America strives to make every experience students have truly the best. In order to do this, there are certain costs we must request from students to participate and attend any conference.

2021-2022 DUES

National Dues:
Middle School Division: $10.00
Secondary & Postsecondary Divisions: $14.00

State Dues:
Middle School Division: $10.00
Secondary & Postsecondary Divisions: $14.00

(NOTE: Registration fees for various conferences must also be paid in order to attend the regional, state, and national conferences.)

2021-2022 DEADLINES

November 1, 2021: Membership processed by November 1 will allow your chapter to:

  • Continue to receive all communication from BPA
  • Ensure membership deadlines for regional and state events
  • Ensure early processing of registration pins & membership cards

December 1, 2021: Members will be allowed to participate in BPA; but in terms of competitions they will be allowed to compete in Open Events only.